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A New Design Spindleless Veneer Peeling Lathe For Turkey Market

Recent years, with the increasing demand and diversification of customers, one type machine can not fulfill different customers’ requirements. It is necessary to customized the machine according to different market.

In the passed several years, we cooperated with lots of Turkey customer, we get lots experience and full knowledge of this market. In Turkey, the main wood species is pine and beech, which are with big diameter and density. Some log diameter are easy to get 500-800mm diameter. At the meantime, Turkey clients prefer automatic operating equipment which can reduce labor quantity because of its expensive local labor cost. So they have a higher request on the veneer peeling machine than other market. It seems the previous regular veneer peeling machine can not fulfill this requirements very well. Based on this situation, our factory design a new model veneer peeling machine for big hard wood log and easy operation.

Our new model spindleless veneer peeling machine is equipped with hydraulic blade holding system, and CNC thickness adjusting system. It can adjust knife gap automatically. User just need input the peeling thickness on control system, then machine will adjust automatically, no need worker adjust knife gap again. The knife gap adjusting is driven by Synchronous Servo motor, according to PLC accurate calculation, so it can guarantee a more accurate knife gap than manually adjusting.

To suit big diameter and hard wood log, our machine adopts 15kw*4pcs big roller motor. Log debarker Max. Working diameter reach 800mm (customized model can be 1000mm), veneer peeling machine Max. Working diameter reach 650mm (customized model can be 800mm). During the peeling process, the knife angle is changing for a better peeling performance automatically, so it can guarantee a smooth and even thickness veneer.

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