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Particle board equipment is a type of artificial board made by pressing small diameter wood, branch wood, wood processing residues, or non wood materials such as sugarcane bagasse and cotton stalks through mixing and gluing. Particle board equipment is divided into slicing machines, slicing machines, drying machines, pre press machines, cross cutting machines, hot press machines, saw edge machines, sanding machines, etc. according to the production process of particle board.

Particle board equipment is divided into particle preparation sections based on the production process of particle board; Drying and screening section; Adjustment and supply of glue section; Gluing section; Forming and hot pressing section; Sawing edge section; Sanding section; Electronic control system, etc.

1. Adopting high-quality and advanced planer, particle metering device, and automatic gluing system, accurate metering, good mixing effect, and low glue consumption;

2. Using a single channel or three channel dryer, the diamond roller or squirrel cage roller paving machine can be used to lay and shape high-quality homogeneous particleboard with high stability.

3. In terms of environmental protection, the pollution of the particleboard production line mainly comes from dust. In our design and manufacturing, we attach great importance to the removal of dust and use cyclone separators with bag dust removal and pulse dust removal to reduce dust emissions.

4. The hot press machine has the characteristics of short closing time, uniform heating, and small surface pre curing layer.