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Heavy Duty 4ft & 8ft Pneumatic Glue Spreader

Plywood line Heavy Duty 4ft & 8ft Pneumatic Glue Spreader





Name and Model

4ft pneumatic glue spreader machine

8ft pneumatic glue spreader machine

Working width



Rubber Roller Diameter



Chromate Treatment Roller Diameter



Rotation speed of glue roller



Rotation speed of Chromate Treatment Roller



Feeding speed



Main Motor Power



Feeding motor power



Overall Dimension






Product Description



Veneer gluing 4ft & 8ft Pneumatic Glue Spreader



The machine spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, block board and so on. It has three rollers and four rollers. The one with three roller is single-side glue coating machine. The glue spreader with four rollers is double-side coating machine.


The glue spreader is divided into 4ft, 5ft, 8ft and so on. It can be customized according to client’s requirement. 

It can be customerized,click here!


It have coating averagely, high productivity, save glue, save staff and save cost.

Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.

Easy operation and easy maintenance.

Adjusting thickness with pneumatic system.


Advantages compared with normal glue spreader for veneer and plywood:

1. Pneumatic Adjusting System

The glue coating thickness and glue coating volume is controlled by the compression air according to board thickness and requirement. Operation easily and save manual adjusting time.




2.Micro-control Adjustment Wheel

The machine is designed micro-control adjustment wheel. The glue coating thickness and glue coating volume is adjusted in precision. This can guarantee uniform glue coating and to control glue volume big or small in precision.






Easy to operate. The safety device is able to immediate stop the machine whenever the danger occured.

3. Wear-resistant Natural Rubber
The rubber roller is covered with 20mm thickness wear-resistan natural rubber. It is high hardness, it is very durable. Surface has screw thread pattern, this can increase rubber roller friction.Rubber roller is made by the high quality natural rubber.



4. Chrome-faced Steel Squeeze Roller
The squeeze roller is chromate treatment seamless steel pipe, the roller surface is covered by stainless steel, never has the rust because of glue corrosion. 
The squeeze roller is made by special steel and surface is with chrome. That can increase the squeeze roller hardness and protect squeeze roller corrosion from the glue, to increase its using life. The surface also can be covered the stainleless steel according to client’s requirement.







Large rubber rollers for glue coating averagely, and high output, mostly used in large production plants. 



5. Control Panel

The layout of the control panel is reasonable, operation easily. And it has emergency stop button.

These can guarantee operation more efficiency and safely.


We can supply complete production line equipment, including rotary cutters, peelers, hot presses, dryers, etc. If you have any needs, you can also contact us !



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Pre-sale services:
1) Provide the free consultation of the equipment
2) Provide the standard device and the flow chart
3) According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design to help to select the equipment.
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Services during the sales:
1) Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.
2) Oversea install and debug the equipment
3) Train the first-line operator.

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