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Hollow Core Particle Board Production Line

Hollow core particle board line is used to produce hollow core particle (chip) boards. The board is popularly used to buildings, decoration, advertisement ornament, sound insulation on road and packaging. The PP hollowness board can replace the paper packaging canton with the advantages of light weight, high strength, damp-proofing and corrosion-resistance. The width of the board is 1220-3000 mm; thickness is 25-50mm .


Hollow core particle board line can be processed into turnover case, packaging case, clapboard, lining board, backing board and pallet, etc, due to its advantages of light weight, high tenacity, damp proof, environmental performance and secondary processing. It is widely used in such fields as the electron, household electrical appliances, packaging,- machinery, postal, food, medicine, pesticide and advertisement decoration, etc.


Features of hollow core particle board extruding machine for door making


 Factors of hollow core slab machine


Raw material:

Hollow particle board (also known as bridge hole mechanics board), as an innovation in the production process of door core board, has become a highlight of the products of powerful interior door manufacturers. The bridge tunnel mechanics board uses the principle of the arch bridge tunnel, through high-tech processing, the solid wood chips are made into a unique tubular structure, which can evenly disperse the external force without deformation, because the weight is less than half of the solid wood board of the same size, and the light texture It can also avoid the deformation of hinges and door covers caused by excessive load, and extend the service life. At the same time, the bridge tunnel mechanics board also effectively prevents the diffusion of temperature like a thermos, and maintains a pleasant temperature in winter and summer.






Maximum width



Thickness range



Heating temperature



Working frequency

120 times/min



20-25 sheets/hour


Total power



Overall dimensions



Total weight



Hourly material consumption


  1. Layout complete hollow slab production line


Finished products for reference:

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