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Hot press pressing plate technique: how to make the plate smoother and more beautiful?

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Short cycle press line for lamination

1、 Choose the appropriate pressure plate material

Choosing the appropriate pressure plate material is crucial for the pressure plate effect of a hot press machine. There are two types of commonly used pressure plate materials, one is synthetic materials such as synthetic quartz, brushed board, etc., and the other is natural materials such as quartz stone, marble, etc.

For general board materials, using composite pressure plates will have a better effect because they are smoother and have higher hardness, which can ensure that the surface of the board will not have unevenness. For high-quality boards, using natural material pressure plates will have a better effect because they can better fit the board, giving it a natural and smooth effect.

2、 Correct pressing method

When using a hot press to press plates, there are two commonly used methods, namely constant pressure and constant temperature.

Automatic Short Cycle Melamine Laminating Hot Press Production Line,

Short cycle single layer MDF/Chipboard hot press machine

1. Constant pressure type

When using a fixed pressure plate, the pressure of the hot press is fixed. We can choose the appropriate pressure according to the different situations of the board, and for thicker boards, we can choose higher pressure to achieve better results.

2. Fixed temperature type

When using a fixed temperature pressure plate, we need to first set the temperature of the hot press machine before pressing. The advantage of a constant temperature method is that it can ensure that the temperature of the board remains consistent throughout the entire pressing process, without overheating or undercooling due to external factors.

3. Avoid common problems pressing the hot press plate, there are often some problems, such as uneven surface and uneven color of the plate. Here are some solutions to common problems:

For the problem of uneven surface of the board, the surface of the board can be polished and polished before pressing to make it as flat as possible.

2. For the issue of uneven color of the board, we can apply paint or other treatments to the board before pressing to make its surface color more uniform.

When pressing the plate, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature and pressure of the hot press are appropriate to avoid damage to the plate.

In summary, the key to the pressing plate technique of a hot press machine lies in selecting the appropriate pressing plate material, adopting the correct pressing plate method, and avoiding common problems. Only in this way can your board be smoother and more aesthetically pleasing.


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