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Maintenance and Operation of Gluing Machine

How to maintain and operate of glue spreader?

No matter what kind of production equipment is properly maintained, its service life and practicability can be improved. The glue applicator is a kind of glue dispensing equipment commonly used in the glue dispensing link. If there is no regular maintenance work, it is easy to affect the subsequent normal use and glue dispensing effect. The daily maintenance of the glue applicator is mainly used to stabilize the equipment for production.  Next, let’s introduce how to maintain the gluing machine?


1.Add oil

First of all, ensure the normal daily working environment of the glue applicator. The ideal working environment should be dust-free, cool and dry, and free from direct sunlight. If there is a lot of dust in the working environment, long-term accumulation will easily affect the smoothness of the execution system of the glue applicator. Therefore, it is better to regularly check whether there is dust accumulation in the execution bearing that affects the smoothness of dispensing, and add lubricating oil to the three-axis dispensing bearing according to the actual situation.

2.Glue cleaning

During normal operation, some glue may remain on the surface of the workbench, which belongs to the scope of the daily maintenance of the glue applicator. If any residual glue is found, it should be removed immediately to prevent it from affecting the subsequent work. If there is dust and dirt, it can be directly removed with a clean cloth. The maintenance work is not white, and it can stabilize the dispensing effect.

3.Glue bubble

The operator should understand the key points of the glue applicator to improve the working efficiency. The glue of the glue applicator should be stored separately after use. It should not be mixed with the original glue. It should be stored separately at room temperature without sunlight. The sealing of the storage tools should be ensured to avoid air bubbles in the glue, which will directly affect the bonding strength and effect. Daily maintenance is just to prevent glue dispensing, It is for a stable output environment.

4.Daily maintenance operation

The gluing machine has a great impact on the needle after performing high-strength work, so it is better to check it. If the needle tip is worn, replace it with a new dispensing needle. In fact, the daily maintenance of the gluing machine is not difficult, but rather troublesome. It is often necessary to replace parts or add lubricating oil. Every joint of the machine and equipment will generate friction, which is easy to lead to offset dispensing for a long time.

Do you know how to maintain the glue spreader? No matter what it is, we should know how to maintain and take good care of it, so that we can reduce the frequency of failures when using it in the future.



What are the safety rules and maintenance of the gluing machine?

At present, a lot of equipment is new to everyone. Take the gluing machine as an example. Such equipment sprays liquid to the place where everyone needs to paint through air pressure. Because of its simple operation, it has attracted a lot of attention. So what are the safety rules and maintenance of the equipment? Let’s introduce them today.


1:Safety rules

1)All personnel using this equipment must carefully read and understand the instructions before operating the machine.

2) Before and during startup, the rubber squeezing roll and rubber roller must be separated, and the machine must not be started when there is a large rubber squeezing force or dry friction between the rollers, otherwise it is very easy to pull the reducer or burn the motor.

3) Keep in mind and prevent human body and sharp and hard objects from entering between rollers to ensure personal and equipment safety.

4) After using the gluing machine for 8 hours, the roller surface, end face and rubber baffle must be cleaned without residual adhesive layer to prevent mechanical corrosion.

5)The bearings, guide grooves, chains, worm gear boxes, etc. shall be filled with lubricating oil in time to prevent corrosion and wear.

6)In case of any abnormality during processing, press the main stop switch immediately. Do not repair the machine before the main power supply is turned off.

7)Non professional electricians are not allowed to open the electrical box and change the wiring position when leaving the site; Only authorized maintenance personnel can repair within the warranty period, otherwise, no warranty will be provided.

2: Maintenance

1) After using the gluing machine for 8 hours, the roller surface, end face and rubber baffle must be cleaned, and there must be no residual adhesive layer; Rust prevention measures shall also be taken in case of long-term shutdown.

2)The bearing, guide rail, guide groove, chain, worm gear box and other parts shall be regularly filled with lubricating oil to prevent corrosion and wear.


Hope above introduction can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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