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NEW Generation for Automatic loading system for plywood hot press machine

Plywood production next generation-Automation & Intelligent planning of the whole plant

With the development of the plywood industry, technological improvement and market changes, as well as the growth of human resources costs and the severity of national environmental protection policies, the plywood industry is facing the largest industry challenges since the reform and opening up, and many enterprises are facing automation upgrading and transformation. For most plywood enterprises, in fact, the current industry situation is both a challenge and an opportunity. Reasonable adjustment of the strategic objectives of the whole enterprise and intelligent automation upgrade of the production technology of the enterprise will make the plywood factory more competitive.

After three stressful years, we all seem to be coping amazingly well with the pandemic.. The ups and downs remain:


  • Shipping prices are trendingdown
  • But chemical prices are off thescale!
  • Inflation is runningrampant
  • There is that war in EasternEurope!

But we are an amazingly resilient industry and we are impressed with stories of management tenacity and innovation.

We too have emerged resilient and looking forward to new challenges. Remain grateful for our partnerships with whom we have stood shoulder to shoulder through tough times.

Particleboard, MDF, Plywood, Resin production, glue mixing dosing and blending All include complete installation services, know-how and training

An Experienced Wood panel machinery and materials supplier

.Our years of experience in the market, dealing with various clients, each with unique requirements have driven us to increase knowledge and skill

We always endeavour to meet your expectations.

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