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China factory plywood machinery 4ft wood debarker veneer machine peeling line machine lathe

Product Description
Full automatic heavy duty log cutting saw
Big output, 1 day can cut 200cbm log,high speed,labor saving,log max.700mm.Full automatic, new techonology, Only 1 man operate.

heavy duty double arm log holder

Log holder can hold log up to 1400mm, it is double arms to fix and clamp the log, heavy duty。

Automatic log chain saw

The chain saw is made of imported diamond chain saw head,The cutting speed is fast and the speed is up to 6000 R / min;

Metal casting steel body

Metal casting steel body.assures log conveyor great rigidity, moving stable and few vibration
Heavy duty log debarker
1. It is heavy duty veneer peeling machine , machine weight up to 8000 kg , to guarantee the veneer quality Suitable for
Eucalyptus , Kuring , Mango , Rubber and other hard wood .
2. It is equipped touch screen , very convenient to change thickness and other parameters .
3. Its peeling speed is up to 40-60 m/min ,adjustble speed, very high efficiency
4.One log debarker could supply two or three peeling machine.

11kw power feeding motor with hardened gear box reducer

The feeding motor is 11kw powerful servo motor ,that can able to handle different kinds of wood with different hardness

Toothed harded roller

New design tooth roller can handle different kinds of wood, especially for irregular logs, bend logs.

Universal join

It can be transmitted to the reduction gear in power balance, avoid damage to the transmission shaft parts.Strong and durable,
reliable transmission, high efficiency
High speed veneer peeling machine 
1 . Strict spare parts checking and machine assembling standard to keep the quality and accuracy.
2).Heavy duty, strong base, total weight nearlly 12 tons. even hard logs also well suits.
3. A user-friendly interface, easy adjust setting on touch screen.
4. A two-in-one structure, with in-built clipper.
5. Take with NSK Japan bearings, more durable. Huali brand motors.High speed steel alloy knife.
6. Guide rail is oil-immersed type machine tool guide rail. Keep lubricating and reduce abrasion.

all Servo feeding motor

The feeding motor is 11KW servo motor that can guarantee stable machine peeling speed , stable machine running and accurate veneer thickness , so the machine produce high quality veneer .

Electroplating peeling roller

All peeling rollers of veneer peeling machine are quenched and plating process , the rigidity is better ,we can choose the right roller patterns to meet you diffierent wood species according to diffierent kinds of veneer and wood .

Schneider electrical part of panel box

we uses advanced PLC control system and France Schneider brand electrical parts . operation easily and long using life.
Log sizer edge cutting saw
Log conveyor to log sizer for edge head trimming and sawing to ensure accurate&straight length size.

Strong bearing & seats

NSK bearing & casting steel bearing seat. More durable and strong strength.

Bigger Sawing blade max. to be 1400mm

Quality& sharpest saw blade with bigger bearing.Can hold big dia. log.

Good structure design with accurate chain conveyor

Sole patent design,safe without dust.
Vaccum automatic stacker 
Automatic veneer stacking machine takes the veneers from the veneer clipper and stacks them according to size automatically. OEM
service is available, we can manufacture according to your veneer width after veneer clipper. Using this stacker, it will save more labor, achieving substantial growth in productivity.

Sorting & Grading veneer

Veneer stacking by 2 grade or 3 grade, quality veneer and defects veneer

Waste veneer belt conveyor

Waste veneer belt conveyor waste veneer automatic drop and conveyor out

Vacuum absorb stacking veneer

Exclusive patent desgin,Strong Adsorbing for all thickness veneer
Machines in Users’ Factory
Machine live photo
High Speed full automatic core veneer peeling line Part 1
1. Full automatic, high output and labor saving for log peeling.

2. Whole line only 1 man operate,time saving, labor saving with big capacity.daily output at 50-70cbm.
3.Mature & advanced techonology for auto peeling and stacking,1 time no stop process, less faiurate rate. The best auto peeling line in China.
High Speed full automatic core veneer peeling line Part 2
1. High performance CNC system control feeding. The board is smooth, with high productivity.
2. The feeding system adopts the screw and screw nuts. The screw nuts adopt the magnesium aluminum alloy, copper and other
materials. So it is with long service life.
3. Automatic adjustment of cutting system, skin is much more uniform and smooth. Apply to woods with different diameters.
High Speed full automatic core veneer peeling line Part 3
1. During the rotary cutting production, the machine can adjust the thickness of two kinds of veneer constantly and won’t cause
the crack of the veneers.
2. Block type screw and slider, high-precision and energy-saving.
3. The NC rotary and veneer cutting are in one, so the machine is with high productivity and labor-saving.
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