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Full Automatic 3200mm CNC knife grinder machine for woodworking

Suitable for: High-precision vertical slicing floorboard factory, specialized large-scale processing factory, hardware accessory factory, board processing factory, printing plant

1:Adopt precision linear guide rail. High precision, smooth operation, long life, sharpening accuracy up to 0.05mm

2:Gear and rack transmission, grinding head runs more smoothly

3:The upper and lower grinding heads adopt lifting ball screws.
Guaranteed that the knife will not fall out when used all year round, and there will be no gap in lifting.

4:Grinding head motor 4kw, strong grinding power

5:The grinding head travels with variable frequency speed regulation, and different speeds can be adjusted for rough grinding and fine grinding.

6:The suction cup adopts the electromagnetic suction cup produced by a Sino-Japanese joint venture, which has strong suction and low heat generation.

7:French Schneider contactor

8:The PLC control system can set the amount of feed, the method of feed, the number of times of light knife, etc. The PLC programming controls one-key operation. The number of automatic cycles, the number of automatic feeds, the amount of feed, and the grinding head stroke speed can be set through the touch screen. Achieve one-click operation and complete the grinding of one knife.

9:The frame adopts double-layer steel plate sandblasting heat treatment, which makes the whole body stronger.

10:The grinding head comes with a resin grinding wheel,has high tensile, shock and bending strength.Low vibration and high stability for comfortable grinding



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