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heavy duty woodworking machinery 8ft mechanical spindle veneer peeling machine

Heavy Duty Automatic 8ft Vertical/horizontal Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine
Name and Model
8ft vertical spindle venner peeling machine
8ft horizontal spindle veneer peeling machine
Max length of peeler log
Max peeling log diameter
Remain wood core diameter
Peeling speed
Machine operation
remote controller & button on the machine
remote controller & button on the machine
Slicer veneer thickness
Max 10 CBM face veneer/10hr a day (0.2mm face veneer)
Max 10 CBM face veneer/10hr a day (0.2mm face veneer)
Total motor power
Clamping chuck
double chuck clamping
double chuck clamping
Electronic parts brand
Total weight
Overall dimensions
Product Description
Automatic 8ft Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine
It mainly produces about 0.2-2.2mm nature decoration face veneer for plywood surface decoration. The machine can be customized according to client’s requirement.
Rotary cutting with high accuracy, quick speed, veneer surface smooth.

Touching screen control system. You can set all kinds parameters in this system, and language showing in this controlling screen, can be translated into your country’s own language.

It is used to rotary cut the big diameter wood and wood diameter can be up to 1500mm.

Min. diameter of the wood core after peeling is 120mm, can max. help save wood log material.

Automatic lubrication system. Ensure machine running stable, so the using life of the machine is extended.

Matching machines

Log debarker/chipping debarker

This is a job before peeling veneer that finds the round for the wood and facilitates peeling veneer.


This machine saves labour and provides efficiency by using a vacuum system to stack veneers neatly after they have been screened by a rotary cutter.
We can supply complete production line equipment, including rotary cutters, peelers, hot presses, dryers, etc. If you have any needs, you can also contact us !

Company Profile
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
1. Can you offer good price with fine quality also? Surely,if without quality, we cannot win long market.we will loose long-terms customers.Quality is our responsibility. We must produce and test machine well. Because we are always expecting long term business.Regarding the price. We are not sure if it is lowest or highest, but we will be offering reasonable.We don’t want heavy profits, We want a acceptable price to you,and we are expecting a bigger quantities of sales for different wood machines.

2. We will be protected if we are paying for orders? Surely yes,we have been exported 1000000$ different wood machine every year,We received the payment,we should produce for you and ship to you without delay. It is honesty.We could understand that you paid,you want to see machines soon and use soon. and these years alibaba trade assurance you could rely on,you will be protected very well.
3. What’s your warranty? can you do more service for us? we wish would be protected after purchasing machine. We are pleased to give life continuous after-sales service. within 12 months, if components broken,we will send you new for change. we would like to help to solve any troubles when you use machine at any time.and don’t be worried,we will keep opening 24 hours for all customers problem or difficulties. We must help to make solutions within 48 hours.
4. What’s your production time? we want faster shipping time also. Mostly machine we have in stock, some machine we produce need about 7-10 days. make fast shipment always. shipping time depends on shipping company.



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