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High-accuracy lengthways veneer slicer machine

Our slicer is designed to cur veneers out of high valued wood with good grain and colour for surface coating.The veneers can be widely used in such fields as door making,upholstery and panel furniture.Compared with frame saw and horizontalbandsaw,it save wood by 30%-50%.With the popularity of artificial boards and booming furniture industry,sliced veneers are playing a more important role in the market.



Made of cast ironensuring good vibration damping performance work stability Chromed columns,preventing wearing offWell ground quideway.

quaranteeing high performance Roll feeding style,getting wood moved easily
1.Swiss ABB motor or German Sinens ,that meets European latest criteria EFF2,saving power by 13% ,enioying small heatig and long life span.

2.Japan-made professional slicing knife,ensuring good quality veneers

3.Japan-made OMRON sensor to keep reliable performances
4.ADAUTONICS encoder imported from South-Korea
5. Selection of Siemens man-machine interface, convenient operation control
6. Electric braking system indepedent developed by our engineers,very efficient and reliable
7. French Shineider electric components.



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