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The correct use of automatic edge sawing machine!

With the continuous progress of society, many industrial chains have been driven, and the field of scientific research and technology has also been a qualitative leap. Only by mastering the correct use method can the maximum performance of the product be brought into play.


How to operate and use automatic plywood cutting machine edge sawing machine?

How to operate fully automatic edge sawing machine safely?

Automatic edge sawing machine is widely used at the present stage. It can not only improve your work efficiency, but also save manpower and material resources. It is therefore highly respected by everyone. So how to operate fully automatic edge sawing machine safely? The following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze, want to understand you together to look at it!

Automatic edge sawing machine itself with a more humanized design concept, to meet the plate market saw edge needs any requirements, simple operation, manual or automatic start as one of the operation mode, automatic lifting platform positioning using integrated positioning function, automatic piling, so that the sawed sheet more neat, easier to pack, and reduce the cost of the price. All these show that the operation of fully automatic crossbar saw machine is very simple, but also to avoid some human mistakes.

  Stable operation organization, prevent improper external force to form PCB tin surface, electronic parts solder joints, and other electrical circuits due to plate folding process damage. Special round knife data description, to ensure the PCB cut surface smoothness. Cut stroke interval adopts touch control five-stage adjustment, can quickly change different PCB scale. High frequency eye protection lighting equipment is installed to promote the operation quality of operators.

What are the proper use methods of automatic edge sawing machine?

Lubricant will be used on many parts of the automatic edge sawing machine. This is because many parts are exposed to the air for a long time and placed in a dark and humid position, which leads to rust on the mechanical surface, that is, lubrication process, but some secret parts are easy to cause damage if not careful. The following will tell you what role it will play in maintenance and correct use.


 First, lubrication and reduce friction resistance. The role of lubricating oil is to lubricate various parts of the engine and form a layer of oil film between the two surfaces to reduce friction resistance and make the operation more smooth.

Two, sealing effect. The lubricating oil must form an effective seal between the piston ring and the cylinder to prevent the leakage of the steam body and the immersion of external pollutants.

Three, cooling effect. In the process of operation, the heat or high temperature generated by the friction between the machine parts and the machine parts, the role of the lubricating oil is to cool and reduce the temperature of the engine.

Three, cleanliness. Take away the harmful impurities and insoluble substances that do not burn in the parts, so that these pollutants quickly away from the lubricating surface and avoid the formation of oil sludge.

Four, anti-corrosion function. Lubricating oil can provide contact parts completely separated oil film, will reduce the chance of parts contact and wear, avoid metal surface corrosion.

Now, because of the automation of automatic edge sawing machine, it has brought great economic benefits for the major enterprises, reduced the internal production costs of enterprises, and increased the profit space of enterprises. Proper use:

1. In case of abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface, or peculiar smell, the operation must be terminated immediately, and the fault should be checked in time to avoid accidents.

2. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, special cooling lubricant should be used to prevent the saw blade from overheating, tooth paste, and other damage, affecting the cutting quality.

3. The chip discharge groove and slag suction device of the equipment shall ensure smooth flow to prevent the accumulation of slag into lumps, which will affect the production and safety.

4. When dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade; Wet sheet cutting, should add water cutting, at the same time to guard against leakage.

5. When starting cutting and stopping cutting, do not feed too fast to avoid broken teeth and damage.

How to maintain the saw blade of the edge saw machine?


In fact, the edge saw machine is a very widely used group of equipment in the processing of plate, and the staff in the use of it in order to ensure its effect or do a good job of maintenance, and its operating procedures, so specifically, how to maintain the saw blade of the edge saw machine?

Maintenance of saw blade is very important, in the process of use, or need to pay attention to it for maintenance. For the saw blade, its inner diameter correction, positioning hole processing and many other places, are processed by the manufacturer, but if it is not used for a long time, you need to lay flat or use the inner hole to hang it up, flat saw blade can not stack other items or feet, it is important to pay attention to moisture, corrosion prevention, otherwise it will affect the use of products, When the saw blade is no longer sharp, it needs to be polished in time, so as to ensure normal use.

Of course, we can not only maintain the saw blade when we use it. The whole equipment should be maintained. The most common way is to use lubricating oil for lubrication, on the one hand, to prevent it from rusting, on the other hand, to make it operate more smoothly.

The maintenance and safe operation of edge sawing machine is more important. In the operation and use of edge sawing machine, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the safe operation process.

Safe operating rules of double sizer edge saw machine:

1. Please read the operation manual carefully before operation to really understand the restrictions on the use of machinery and other possible dangers.

2, the first operation or electrical line adjustment, after starting the power supply, must be clicked to determine whether the saw shaft rotation direction is correct.

3. All safety covers must be worn during operation.

4. The machine must be grounded to prevent leakage.

5. Before starting the machine, all tools and sundries shall not be placed on the machine.

6, the power supply must be turned off before replacing the saw blade, adjusting or doing repair and maintenance.

7. Do not open the transmission safety cover during mechanical operation.

8. Keep the area around the workplace clean.

9. Please turn off the power before leaving the machine.


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