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What is a Glue Spreader?

How much do you know the Knowledge of Glue Spreader?

Gluing machine is also called coating machine, Glue spreader, automatic glue spraying machine, etc. A kind of mechanical equipment mainly used to apply liquid glue on the surface of textiles, cartons or leather. There are many types of glue spreader,Such as: pneumatic glue spreader, drum glue Spreader, double side glue Spreader, double station lifting glue Spreader, etc.The coating machine sprays liquid such as glue or paint onto the required products through air pressure.The equipment adopts three-axis linkage, automatic operation, and is equipped with computer programming control path spraying. The spraying thickness and time can be set, which is easy to operate.

  1. Operation process and methodfor glue spreader:

1)Glue tank glue spreading system

 Adjustment of the distance between the lower transition roll and the rubber roller: first, determine the thickness of the sheet to be glued; Then find two boards or cardboard of the same thickness and put them on the lower rubber roller (one on each side); Adjust and fix the plate thickness adjusting bolt.

 The adjusting bolts for the clearance of rubber rollers are used to adjust the clearance between rubber rollers and sliding blocks on both sides to prevent glue leakage.

2)Plate conveying system

Adjustment of conveyor belt deviation: Loosen the adjusting screw of the conveyor belt, move the conveyor belt to the middle of the roller (except for the middle limit wheel), lock the adjusting screw of the conveyor belt, and start the frequency converter to adjust the conveyor belt as it rotates. When the conveyor belt deviates to the left, tighten the adjusting screw on the left or loosen the adjusting screw on the right. If the conveyor belt deviates to the right, tighten the adjusting screw on the right or loosen the adjusting screw on the left.

How to choose the right Glue Spreader?

Gluing Spreader is the equipment used by many enterprises. For mechanical equipment, not only its quality should be considered, but also its efficiency should play a role in the enterprise. How do we choose it.

First, choose from the manufacturer whether it is a professional manufacturer of glue spreader, which is highly professional and stable. Then the product shall be checked to see whether the rubber roller is pure natural rubber, whether the motor is copper core wire wrapped or aluminum core wire wrapped, whether the bearing is UC bearing, and whether the machine body is welded with national standard steel to ensure the stability of the machine in operation.

      Choosing the right gluing opportunity will get twice the result with half the effort. It will greatly create efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises in terms of cost budget, work efficiency, maintenance rate and product quality. Of course, pay attention to its maintenance when using it.

Gluing Spreader is divided into pneumatic Gluing Spreader and ordinary double-sided Gluing Spreader

How to use the Glue Spreader ?

Glue Spreader is generally used for spraying solid wood furniture or panel furniture in daily life. But when using it, does every drop of glue have been applied to a useful place, how much is wasted due to natural curing, and how much can a bucket of glue be used.

    The Glue Spreader is used for glue spraying. After the proper glue amount and glue spraying speed are adjusted, the workers only need to place the plates on the table on time. With the cold glue supply system, the glue is stored in a closed storage space, which reduces the waste due to glue solidification compared with the fully developed glue holding method.

      Of course, there are some precautions when using the machine. Because the glue is used every day, and the glue is easy to block the machine. We should clean it when not in use, so that we can use the machine better.


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