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What is particle board

Particle board/chipboard production line

Particle board production  line is using wood as raw material to produce three layer structure particle boards. Besides, when facing the shortage of wood, other material like wood waste, bagasse, reed, cotton stem, and straws could be used as materials.

Particle board line is suitable for the using of small-diameter wood log, wood branches, wooden timber and other raw materials, as well as wood shavings, sawdust, and other wood waste, using chipping-flaking methods to make wood particles; single-pass thermal oil dryer machine to dry wood particles; sifting and isolate the surface and core wood particles; metering the surface and core wood particles separately, mixing the glue and spreading the glue into wood particles; diamond rollers forming machine to do the continuous forming; cycle-style multi-layer hot press machine; through the process of cooling and cutting, the 1220×2440mm particle board will be finished; after sanding process and finally through lamination, then can be sent to market.    

Wood chipping block production line Making procedure

I  PB line Processing technical solution

1.Chipboard making Processing procedure

Making procedure of wood chipping block mainly includes preparation of material, drying, preparation and selecting by screen, pressing, checking and stocking.

  Working procedures are as the follow:   

Raw material→  conveying  → drying →  conveying→



Conveying  → Iron removing →  Screen →


Glue mixing  → Conveying → Iron removing → Pressing →

Edge cutting  → Logo carving→   Stacking → Package →



2.Instruction of procedure


        Material preparation is the first step for the producing of wood chipping block. And specification and quality of raw material can directly affect the quality of final products. The raw material shall be chipped into small size section and then grinding.



Raw material shall be dry and before pressing, its water content shall be 3% to 6%. Before drying, its water content is 15% to 25%. Raw material with much water content shall not be conveyed and pressed, so it must be dried. For safety’s sake, the drying system has two fire alarm. One is over heating alarm and the other is carbon monoxide alarm.  

 (3)Screening and selecting     

 The screening and selecting procedure is a very important process for the whole processing. It directly determines the condition, density distribution and thickness tolerance of final products. Qualified material after screening shall be conveyed to the stock ground, then do cooling and stocking. The big material above can be burned as the fuel of boiler and can also be put back to grinder and do grinding again. The particle diameter of thin material at the bottom is less than 1mm. We can convey then by fan to the dust collection system outside. Collect them and burn them as fuel for boiler.

 (4)Glue mixer

   This process means convey the dry material after screening to the ring type glue mixer. During this process, it needs glue mixing, glue stocking and glue pouring. Whether the glue mixing is even directly determines the layer distribution and strength of board.


Pressing is an important process for the wood chipping board making.

Pressing means that, under the combination function of heating energy and pressure, vaporization of the water, density increasing, redistribution of water-proofing agent and a series of physical chemistry changes happen in the raw material and to make it satisfy the quality requirement.

(6)Package and stocking

Products shall be stamped signs with type, grade, date of production and inspector code. Products for the personnel using of customers can be without products signs according to the contract.

Products shall be well packed according to different types, specifications and grades. Each package shall be put on signs with name of manufacturer, name of commodity, trademark, specification, grade, number of plates and products standard number.

During the products transportation and storage, products shall be avoided from moisture, rain water, sunshine and distortion.

Complete particle board production line can be used in furniture-making, flooring-making, packing industry, sound box, construction and decoration of vehicle or vessel etc.

Particle board making line working video:




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